STRIPE FINAL 2I’ve been focused on getting our bedroom put together after we finally painted it a nice bright white. I wanted to add a bold design behind the bed and found the the abstract lines by Doug Meyer and Kelly Wearstler a little crazy, fun and energizing. When I showed my fiance my inspiration, he said it reminded him of Eddie van Halen’s guitar and that’s just awesome.

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STRIPE - TAPE - calliopeWhen we finally sat down with the wall and our tape, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, but didn’t want to plan it out on paper because I wanted the abstract design to really come from working together with my fiance in the moment to create the design. We cut the longest stripes first knowing we could use them somewhere else if they didn’t work. I was a little apprehensive to start cutting, but remember you can always extend stripes with smaller pieces. As we mapped out the design, we used painters tape to hold the vinyl in place. Once we got to a design we were pretty happy with (coinciding with the end of the vinyl roll), we slept on it for a few days.

Something to remember when deciding if you are happy with the design, the design will look way better when applied. The blue painters tape was definitely distracting and the vinyl bumping out from the wall was visually wonky.

PEEL OFF BACKING-calliopeWhen you are set on the design, it’s time to peel off the backing and apply. When applying a stripe, start at the end and remove a few inches of the backing. Put the end in place and then slowly peel off the backing as you smooth the vinyl to the wall with your other hand. This prevents a tangled mess.

When applying the lines, Walls Need Love suggests using a yard stick or laser lever to draw lines. Since our design was abstract, pretty small surface, and the vinyl has no stretch, we just peeled off the backing and applied the stripes. You could also trace the edge of the stripes on the wall once you have the design set and before applying the vinyl. The best part with the vinyl is that it is easy to peel off making an edits a breeze. 

TRIM EDGES XACTO - calliopeSince the vinyl doesn’t have stretch, it won’t stay bent so you need to trim to edges. For corners, it’s better to go on to the next wall and use an x-acto knife to trim the tape than come up too short. The X-acto knife is also handy for trimming overlapping lines when needed.

The trickiest part of applying the design was the lines were like a basket weave. You will have to carefully pull out the stripes as you apply them without trapping other lines that haven’t been applied yet. I’d highly suggest enlisting help.

The Walls Need Love vinyl stripes comes with a yellow spatula that is used to smooth the lines as you apply them to the wall. We just used our fingers to smooth down the vinyl, but I am definitely keeping it as it comes in handy for other projects!

STRIPE FINAL 2STRIPE FINAL 1I’m happy with the result. It definitely captures the vibe of the inspirations and adds dimension to our bedroom. Will you give abstract lines a shot? QV signature no bolt

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