emoji stencils disco mugdisco mug cocoa poo stencil close upI’ve been seriously craving hot cocoa to stay warm (before El Nino hit). And since I basically speak emoji, I thought what a great way to jazz up hot cocoa by using emoji’s IRL. Of course, you don’t have stop at using these stencil on drinks. Dust a little emoji on your favorite dessert.

supplies + tools

  • Silhouette machine + Cutting Mat or X-acto knife/scissors
  • Plastic stencil sheet or card stock
  • Emoji Stencils
  • Cocoa/Powdered Sugar
  • Sifter
  • Hot drink (or yummy dessert)

How to

silhouette cut emoji stencils
For a Silhouette cutting machine, open up the stencil design in Silhouette Studio. Trace the designs. Place your stencil material on the cutting mat and load into the machine. For the plastic stencil sheet, select the ‘Silhouette Stencil’ material option, but change your cutting configuration to blade 10, speed 2, thickness 30, double cut. I had trouble with the settings, but found this to work on the first run. Send the design to cut. Remove the stencil from the cutting mat and pop out the negative design pieces.

*If you don’t have a cutting machine, the easiest way to make the stencils is to use card stock. Print the stencil directly onto the cardstock and cut out the stencil using an X-acto knife or scissors. They won’t really be reusable if using the card stock on a liquid.

cocoa stencils steps 1 + 2cocoa stencil close up 2
With a little trial and error, I found the best way to get a good emoji on a hot drink is to fill your cup all the way to the top. The other option (and my favorite) is to add a nice layer of whipped cream and smooth it out with a knife. Once your drink is ready, carefully place the stencil on the top of your mug. Using a sifter, add a decent layer of cocoa powder over the stencil. Use the two nubby handles to lift the stencil straight up from the mug. If you pull the stencil up by one side the extra powder will fall into your mug and ruin the design.poo cocoa stencil 3
Make your cup extra special or share your feelings with that special someone. Don’t forget to get the party started with a disco ball mug. Cheers!

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