FOIL STD 8When I first saw the Heidi Swapp Minc products at Michael’s, I was so impressed and inspired that I was ready to foil everything. Luckily the reasoning side of my brain kicked in and told me to put down the arm full of foil rolls. I went home and did a little research and found that the Minc foil applicator is just a fancy laminator. Instead I said hello to a $20 laminator on Amazon.

Cue to my upcoming nuptials. I found the holographic invites above and knew I wanted to have the holographic rainbow vibe through out the invitation suite and life. Now my fiance and I are way behind on the timeline for sending out of save the dates and anyone planning a wedding knows all those damn little things add up so quickly and save the dates aren’t really necessary…but making inexpensive save the dates is totally justifiable. Come through laminator! Now I can’t take credit for this DIY but it’s so damn impressive I had to share it and our awesome save the dates. 


  • Heat reactive foil (MINC or Deco Foil)
  • Laser printed Save the Date on cardstock
  • Laminator
  • 1 piece printer paper
  • Scissors/X-acto knife/Roller blade
  • Ruler

How to

Print your save the date/design on a laser printer. The foil won’t stick to ink from an inkjet printer. I don’t think there is a specific time frame you need to foil after printing. I did the foiling a few days after the printing and it worked fine.

Foil STD 1Foil STD 2Measure out the design that you want to cover with foil and cut out pieces to that size. I cut out 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ pieces to cover both designs to save a little on time instead of cutting the save the dates before hand. I ended up cutting out the middle part that wasn’t used. The left over pieces ended up working great and I used up a whole roll instead of two with left overs.  

Foil STD 3Place the foil on the design and place cover sheet over it. The foil will stick to any printed area so make sure your foil is exactly where you want it to stick.

Foil STD 4Turn on your laminator and let it heat up. I used the 5 mm setting because it is a hotter setting than 3 mm. Send the materials through laminator. This takes about 30 seconds. If your piece of foil doesn’t completely cover the design, just place a piece of foil on the missing spot and send through the laminator again. There might be a very fine line, but it’s better than throwing away a perfectly good save the date.

Foil STD 6Next you peel off the foil. I tested to see if there is a difference in letting the foil cool versus peeling it off right away and I didn’t see a difference. I think the quality of the printing affects how well the foil sticks.

Foil STD 7Use your rotary cutter, X-acto knife or scissors to cut the save the dates. This was a pretty easy cutting process, but I think I’m going to invest in a paper cutter for our wedding invites. 

To break down the cost:

50 pack Cardstock – $2.50 (on sale at Michael’s – regularly $5) – 2 STD per paper

1 roll Heidi Swap Foil – $7 (on sale at Michael’s – regularly $10)

Laminator – $20

FOIL STD-9For a few hours on a Saturday morning, our Save the Date’s cost under $30! Now I have a sassy laminator to foil everything. Will you give this technique a try?

2 thoughts on “DIY // FOIL SAVE THE DATES

    i love you. i love you. i love you.

    Occasionally when I feel kinda down, or lacking inspiration I go and look through Alison Faulkner’s archives and I was scrolling down and saw you comment, clicked your name just randomly and I LOOOOOVE your site. It’s like I was reading my soul sisters blog. I love your style and just everything. I used to read a lot of blogs but they all started looking the same because of how saturated the web is now with bloggers, but yours stood out and I freaking love it and now I have another blog to stalk.

    Keep being groovy.

    1. OMG thank you so much! Sorry for the delayed response – I just got married! I love Alison Faulkner & am so happy you found me. You seriously made my life!

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