Silhouette vinyl phone coverWhen I upgraded my iphone, I was so underwhelmed by my cover options at the time that I choose clear. Not a bad choice since I selected the gold iPhone and it’s very versatile for this project. I previously applied a leftover lightning bolt wall decal to my last iphone and a YAS moment arrived when I realized I could design and create a vinyl iphone cover using my Silhouette machine!  It’s so easy it feels like cheating!

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How toMeasure phone case Use a flexible sewing measuring tape to find dimensions of your phone cover. Include the sides of the cover in these measurements.

Size vinyl designOpen the Silhouette Studio and select your design. (There are tons of designs in the Silhouette Design Store.) Size the design phone cover dimensions by dragging out from the corner. Hold the shift key while you drag to keep the proportions of the design as you change the size. For the vinyl, it’s better to go a little bit larger than make it too small.

Load vinylSilhouette cover cutCut the vinyl piece to a little bit larger than your cover size, place on the cutting mat in the same position as the design is on the cutting mat in Silhouette Studio, and load the mat into the machine. Select your media and cutting options, and let the Silhouette cut out your design.

Peel negative design coverPeel away the negative part of vinyl from your design. I love to be resourceful and save this part of the design for another project. They make great stencils!

Apply transfer paperCut out transfer paper to size of the design. The squares on transfer paper measure 1 inch. Peel off the backing (no red lines)and apply the transfer paper to design. Use the scraper to smooth transfer paper to vinyl.

Pick up vinyl on transfer paperSlowly pick up the decal by peeling up the transfer paper.

Apply vinyl design to phone caseAlign and place the vinyl on the cover. Use the scraper to smooth the vinyl on to the phone cover.

Peel of transfer paperSlowly peel away transfer paper. You want to bend the transfer paper back so you peel in a horizontal motion rather than pulling up in the air. Use an X-acto knife or scissors to trim away any extra vinyl around the edges and in the cover holes.

vinyl design covervinyl phone cover complete Just imagine all of the design possibilities! Flamingos, cats, unicorns, stars, zebra stripes… This is just the beginning of my iPhone case designing career. What design are you wanting to put on your phone?!

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