Taco Ice Cream Sundae & Pinata Toppings BarSUNDAE PINATA BAR-6Not only is it taco tuesday but my third favorite holiday, Cinco de Mayo, is this week and I’m sharing a DIY that combines two of my favorites – tacos and ice cream. I actually can’t believe I haven’t made ice cream tacos before!  Not only do I show you how to make taco sundaes, but I stepped up the piñata game by turning the traditional donkey piñata into a serving bar filled with toppings. Ole!

supplies + tools

Piñata Bar

  • Pinata
  • Tray
  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Flexible tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Holographic paper

*When buying your tray and pinata, make sure the pinata is wider than your tray.

Ice Cream Tacos

How to

Pinata bar - beforeMeasure the width of your topping tray with a flexible tape measure. Don’t include the lip of the tray in this measurement because we want the tray to rest in hole.Pinata bar - mark holePull back the tissue fringe and mark the width of tray on the piñata core in multiple places along the length of the piñata. Connect the dots and draw a line.Pinata bar - x-acto cut hole3 PINATA HOLEUse an X-acto knife (a new blade is best) to cut a along the lines make a hole for the tray. End where the current hole is.Pinata bar - cut in half This is the most gruesome part. Cut the pinata in half with the X-acto knife.Pinata bar - measure toppings tray We are going to measure so we know the size of cardboard piece needed to extend the piñata. Place the tray in the back end of the piñata and measure the length of the tray that is left. This is the length of the cardboard piece.Pinata bar - measure bellyMeasure around the belly of the piñata with your tape measure. This is the width of the cardboard piece.Pinata bar - cut cardboard Cut out your cardboard piece. With the X-acto knife, lightly score lines about 1” apart in the cardboard. This will allow you easily bend the cardboard into a U shape.Pinata bar - tape Now it’s time to put the pinata back together.  Before starting, rip off pieces of tape so you have them ready to go. Don’t do what I did and use clear packing tape. Masking tape is much better. To shape the new cardboard piece, put a piece of tape over the edge of the cardboard and slowly smooth the tape down as you add a curve to the cardboard. Use long pieces of tape along the length of the cardboard for added support.

Pinata bar - cut tissue stripsKeep the tissue paper folded and cut 2” wide strips of tissue paper.Pinata bar - cut fringe It’s time to fringe! Cut fringe leaving a 1/2″ space at the top for glueing to pinata.Pinata bar - glue fringeUse a paint brush and Mod Podge to attach the fringe. The fringe goes in one direction so apply it to the end first and work your way up. I crumpled the fringe before applying to blend the look of the fringe. I tried my best to match the colors of the tissue paper, but wasn’t perfectly successful. Pinata bar - guts I covered the “guts” of the pinata with holographic paper. You could also stuff some left over tissue paper too. Let the piñata dry. Pinata bar - after


  1. Soften the waffle bowls by wrapping one waffle bowl in a damp paper towel and microwave for 15 seconds. Remove the waffle bowl from the microwave and quickly shape it into a taco shell shape. The waffle starts to hard after being removed.
  2. Dye coconut flakes for the “lettuce” by shaking a 5-10 drops of green food dye with a scoop of coconut flakes in a plastic baggie.
  3. Chop red gummy bears for the “tomatoes”. Add “peppers” by chopping up yellow and green gummy bears and “onions” with white gummy bears. You could make a “salsa” with gummy bears!
  4. Scoop whipped cream for “sour cream”.
  5. Fill your pinata bar with toppings.
  6. Add chocolate ice cream to the taco waffle shell and sprinkle on the fixings. 

SUNDAE PINATA BAR-2SUNDAE PINATA BAR-8I love that the pinata is cute and functional. I can totally see him filled with an assortment of Mexican dips for a real taco bar. Who’s ready for a fiesta?!

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