img_8422I’d like to interrupt the radio silence with an announcement that I’m officially married! My husband and I were married on a yacht on the Ohio River with our close family and friends. We celebrated by dancing the night away to our favorite local band, eating our favorite Cincinnati foods, and ended the night with fireworks AND sparklers. It was truly a magical night!

I had hoped to be one of those brides that shares projects and plans along the way, but I chose to make my own wedding dress. This was such a huge undertaking (I finished two days before the wedding) that I didn’t even understand the amount of work, love and patience it would take to complete my dream wedding dress, but I did it and can’t wait to share that process with you! And all the other DIYs I completed along the way!

I’m happy to kick off married life, enjoy my favorite season and to get back to sharing projects!


Mrs. Bishop

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